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By Diane Carey

Captain Sisko and the Deep area 9 group needs to give you the option to shut down the wormhole to the Gamma Quadrant sooner than the total Federation is enslaved through the kingdom.

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He'd made a game--or an exercise, perhaps--of seeming above it all, putting forth a tepid immunity to defeat after defeat, to insisting that just holding a line for a few days was a victory. He sat in his command chair with no maneuver to command right now, except to watch as his crew monitored the position of several pendulum-shaped Jem Hadar heavy fighters, while those enemy ships decided whether or not to pursue the maimed Starfleet/Klingon armada. To one side, Cadet Nog watched the monitors and tried to coax the ragged systems into reading accurately whatever they could pick up in space.

He sat and fumed and steamed and stared. In the middle of the fume, a thread snapped. " he blurted, almost without thinking. The Klingon tilted his head in question. " Shifting a couple of times, Sisko rolled his thoughts from side to side, then pressed a hand to the broken tabletop without even paying attention to the cut it gave him. "Their victory was too overwhelming, Martok," he said. "Nobody can have a victory like that without knowing ahead of time what's about to happen. No one can take on a combined fleet and leave only fourteen ships!

And my ship will be at your side," Martok thundered on, flaring his one good eye. Then he stepped aside to let a second Klingon, even more welcome, into the mess hall. "Worfl" Dax rushed to the former Strategic Operations Officer of Deep Space Nine, enwrapping him with her willowy bear hug and jumped right up into his arms. He caught her as if she were a fluttering branch. They made the oddest pair. Martok looked at Worf. " Dax twisted to look at the general, then back at Worf. " "It can wait," Worf protested.

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