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Dam was a skilled craftsman, but his real strength lay in his fighting abilities and he entered into, and won, many bare-fist street fights. Although not strictly legal, a blind eye was turned. These contests are brutal and often result in the death of a fighter, but Dam was good, he was Tinju trained and although he was small, his speed and strength was unseen before by any of his opponents. Although the fighters are not paid much, about five dollars a fight, dollars being the preferred payment as opposed to the Cambodian currency, the Re-al.

This, thought the lads, is heaven and puts the tourist resorts in Europe to shame. They bought some food at one of the many barbecue stands en-route, and walked along happily champing on small bits of sweet pork, onion peppers and green chillies on wooden skewers. They ate sweet banana pancakes cooked at another street stand and, with the food in their stomach, were steadily sobering up. Spock and Stu was getting their second wind and having fun, walking past the many sporadic outcrops of bars and having the touts latching onto them, trying to drag them in to have fun.

He could not, however, remember what happened last night. He recalled being in Happy World Bar and then going to a go–go bar, but everything else was just a blank. He checked his watch. It was three thirty-eight, which can’t be right, he thought. He became aware of something in the bed with him and turned to see a figure huddled under the quilt with their back turned. ’ He gingerly pulled the light quilt off the figure, revealing a naked olive skinned back. The figure moved and turned around to face Stu.

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