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By Stanislav Grof

The "art of loss of life" and the posthumous trip of the soul were the topic of intensive literature and visualization in lots of cultures. "Dying earlier than dying", or perform in loss of life, has been sought all through human background, not only to beat worry and provides aid in the mean time of demise, yet really to transfigure the standard of lifestyles. Stanislav Grof considers the most amazing and significant of the works identified jointly because the "books of the dead": the traditional Egyptian funerary texts; the Tibetan Bardo Thodol; Maya and Aztec myths of demise and rebirth. And from medieval Europe come the Christian visions of the soul's trips, the danses macabres and dialogues with loss of life, and meditational imagery of mortal decay that remembers Tibetan practices.

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Modern consciousness research has thus s hown that the ancient sacred scriptu res, i n c l u d i ng the eschatological texts, are not i rrelevant p rodu cts of s uperstition and primitive i magination. I nstead, they seem to be accu rate descriptions of the experiential territories traversed in non-ord i n a ry states of consciou s ness. They are often based on cou ntless personal experiences and on many centuries of carefu l observations. Experiential confrontation and knowledge of the rea l m s they describe is a matter of extreme relevance, s i n ce the degree to which we become fam i l i a r and comfo rtable with them can have far-reach i ng consequences fo r the q u a lity of o u r l ife, as well as for the way we die.

Vessel of the Maya cera m i c codex. Bro nze mandi;lla, East India, 1 2th cent u ry) A triu mphant scene from the papyrus of Ani depicts the i nstant The mes of the emergence of the sun god after his noctu rnal jou rney t h rough ' the u n derworld. At the same t i me, it represents the rebirth of the deceased person, and the m o ment of i l l u m i nation of the i n it i ate i n the mysteries. Beside the djed, the vertebral co l u m n of Osi ris, kneel his sisters Isis and Nephthys, worsh ipping the solar d i sc su pported by the ankh, symbol of eternal life.

Verona, 60 c. 1 374-1 450) I _, / -) I I ) ' -.. {() Flowers form a n essential element A visionary drawing by W i l l i a m Tathagata Buddha Akshobhya i s of the paradisean land scapes, and B l a k e i l l u s t rates the V i rgin as represented i n a bronze sculpt u re the symbolism of particular flowers Q u een of Heaven i n Glory, i n the enth roned i n a lotus, su rrou nded is often used to describe h igh mystic white rose. Angels and by eight Bod h i sattvas couched in mystical states - i n particular the sages are enfolded among the the petals.

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