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By Jean-Luc Achard

New Bon grants to turn into a big concentration of curiosity between educational Tibetologists within the coming years. This distinctive, first-ever English-language quantity on Tibet’s New Bon faith (14th century onwards) includes the entire catalogue of the amassed rediscovered teachings published by means of bDe chen gling pa, a major Bon po grasp of the second one a part of the nineteenth century in jap Tibet. Belonging to a later interval of improvement in the a number of lineages of latest Bon, bDe chen gling stands as a vital hyperlink among this practice and that of the Ris med stream of the past due nineteenth century. The annotated catalogue of the 13 quantity assortment often covers tantric and rDzogs chen (Great Perfection) texts slightly recognized open air local libraries.

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D. Short notes on the practice of gShin rje gshed nag partly based on the preceding works and including a bzlog pa practice. These notes were written down by She tsu Ha ra (zhang skad for Tibetan bSod nams ye shes), according to the teachings of bDe chen gling pa. 8. [Cha] ’ Jigs byed gshin rje’i gnad bskang chen po a. 1–18. b. gnad bskang. c. yung drung bdud ’dul thog[s] med rtsal gyis shel brag rdzong nas spyan drangs te rim par phab pa’o/. d. A text describing the key points of the bsKang or fulfillment practice according to the ’Jigs byed gshin rje cycle.

Further revelations (through snyan rgyud ) of other parts of the dBal phur nag po corpus. — Transcription of some of the texts of the rTa mchog dbang drag ’bar ba me phreng gi skor. — Discovery of the Byams ma yang gsang rgyun mchod cycle contained in vol. 12). 1858 Discovery of the Rig ’dzin sku gsum dgongs ’dus cycle in Kong po bon ri. This gter ma was actually transcribed the following year, with the composition of additional texts (such as no. 33 which gives the table of contents of the cycle).

Gsang bskul.   [] 13 c. Ø. d. The practice of gShin rje according to this secret tantra ( gsang rgyud ) can be envisaged in six ways: the way of the king (rje) with a black ’Jigs byed; the way of the minister (blon) with the practice of gShin rje having a red and black face; the way of the merchant (ded dpon) with a practice of Yamarâja; the way of the butcher (shan pa) with the practice of the servants or executioners (las mkhan) that belong to the mandala of gShin rje; the way of the messenger ( pho nya) with the practice of the arrogant ones (dregs pa) and the way of the killers (srog gcod ) with the practice of sDe dpon dmar nag.

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