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By W. J. Mooi MD, T. Krausz MD, MRCPath (auth.)

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And MacLennan, R. (1986) The classification of malignant melanoma, its histological reporting and registration: a revision of the 1972 Sydney classification. Pathology, 18, 12-21. Mehregan, A. H. and Pinkus, H. (1966) Artifacts in dermal histopathology. Arch. , 94, 218-25. Nakanishi, T. and Hashimoto, K. (1987) The differential reactivity of benign and malignant nevomelanocytic lesions with mouse monoclonal antibody TNKHl. Cancer, 59, 1340-4. Natali, P. , Veglia, F. et al. (1983) The impact of monoclonal antibodies on the study of human malignant melanoma.

There is often hypertrichosis; terminal hairs may show follicular plugging and comedo formation. In some cases, the hair arrector muscles are abnormally prominent. , 1985). Because of the occurrence of such partly overlapping and partly dissimilar lesions, there is some argument about the proper use of the term Becker's naevus. In contrast to giant congenital naevus, Becker's naevus is not primarily a melanocytic tumour; there is no increased risk of melanoma. 6 Xeroderma pigmentosum In this dominantly inherited disorder of DNA repair, sunlight-induced damage of the skin develops in exposed areas at an early age.

Clin. , 38, 1353-7. Harris, M. D. (1990) Tipp-ex fluid: convenient marker for surgical resection margins. f. Clin. , 43, 346-7. Harris, M. N. and Gumport, S. L. (1975) Biopsy technique for malignant melanoma. f. Dermatol. , 1, 24-27. , Van Zandvoort, E. H. P. M. and Bosman, F. T. (1989) Basement membrane deposition in benign and malignant naevo-melanocytic lesions: an immunohistochemical study with antibodies to type IV collagen and laminin. Histopathology, 15, 137-46. Howat, A. , Wright, A. , Cotton, D.

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