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By Charles Sheffield

After the Nuclear Spasm within the twenty first century, homo sapiens was once extinct, keep for a tiny remnant scattered in small, primitive house colonies. at the start sunlight Humanity had just one target: survival. but if the conflict for lifestyles used to be gained, humankind all started relocating outward in sluggish, multi-generation house ships, and as then millennia handed, planet-based civilisations emerged in lots of celebrity structures. within the 12 months 27,698 A.D, to those new worlds come the Immortals, beings with unusual ties to historical Earth, who appear to dwell eternally, who can commute mild years in days - and who use their unusual powers to manage the lifestyles of standard mortals. on the earth Pentecost, a small workforce units out to discover and problem the Immortals. yet within the seek they themselves are replaced: as Immortals, they find a new risk, not only to themselves, yet to the galaxy itself.

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Wherry skipped to views of the other arcologies. The most distant, Amanda, blinked in as a grainy and indistinct image. It was now almost three million miles away from Earth, spiralling slowly outward in the plane of the ecliptic. In eight years, unless some new trajectory were adopted, the colony ship would have wound its way out to the orbit of Mars. Already the scientists on board were talking about the possibility of a small manned station on Phobos, and consulting with Salter Station on the available resources for the project.

Only his mouth and eyes seemed alive. After the scenes from Moscow, he finally switched to the interior of the United Nations building. The formal ritual in the crowded chamber could not hide the undercurrents of anger and tension washing in from the stressed world outside. The Chinese ambassador, face stern and intense, was concluding his prepared speech. "What we are seeing in the world today is not an accident of nature, not the vicissitudes of planetary weather at work. We are seeing deliberate modification of climate, changes directed against China and our friends by other nations.

Not that slight—big enough for the wearer to notice. Item three: increased pressure within the carotid arteries can cause momentary blackouts. "Item four: when a suit is on normal visual operation, the blackout is momentary, too brief to be noticed. But when the suit is on remote and using TV cameras instead of faceplate viewing, the scanning rates on the TV give a feedback to the brain that reinforces the blackout. Result: narcolepsy. The wearer will not break out of the cycle unless there is some external interruption.

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