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Basic Pattern The three motions that compose this offensive plan are: the inside triangle motion, the backdoor continuity, and the penetration weave. These plays may be run interchangeably. Play #1: The Inside Triangle Motion Variation No. 1 When a coach wants to keep two big players in the inside triangle, (1) passes to a wing (as to (2) in Diagram 4-1) and screens down for the offside post (5), who comes to the head of the key. (2) tries to get the ball inside as (4) posts up. The offside motion of (1) and (5) exchanging positions is an attempt to occupy the defensive help.

1) stops and passes to (2) at the point. (2) reverses the ball to (3) at the offside wing, and the basic triple-cut options are executed (see Diagrams 3-10 and 3-11). Page 34 Diagram 3-9: Dribble entry loop Diagram 3-10: Cut 1, 2 Diagram 3-11: Cut 3 A Post-Oriented Dribble Entry This dribble entry variation is very functional when your post players ((4) and (5)) can dominate their defenders in the post area. Diagram 3-12 shows (1) make a dribble entry at wing (2). (2) clears down and around, but this time, (5) does not come across the lane.

1 Variation of the Penetration Weave) Diagram 4-23 shows point guard (1) dribble toward wing (2) and hand off the ball to (2). (2) then dribbles off the offside post screen from (5), who has moved up to the head of the key to screen (see Diagram 4-23). Page 45 (2) should attempt to penetrate as deep as possible, as (5) rolls to the basket (see Diagram 4-24). Diagram 4-23: Penetration weave Diagram 4-24: Screen and roll If neither (2) nor (5) is open, (2) hands off to (3) and the motion is repeated (see Diagram 4-25).

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