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Follow-through. step forward snap wrists complete follow-through point, for maximum control. offensive baseball pass When you need to pass over longer distances that would otherwise be reached using a chest or bounce pass, execute the baseball pass. ● From a good power base of the ● Take the ball back past your ear and ● With the ball still in your hands, triple-threat position, with bent knees transfer your weight from the back your weight shifts from back to front, and a lowered center of gravity, begin foot through to the front foot.

Move ball to shooting position release the ball offensive power layup right to left This move is made when you have a path to the basket but there is a defender on your right and one on your left when you arrive at the basket. You have to be strong and determined now in order to achieve the shot. You might also be able to draw a foul for a bonus free throw. ● Make your dribble approach from ● Try to find a gap on the floor as ● You have now gone across the lane the right side of the lane while keeping near to the basket as possible (very and to the left side of the basket.

Jab step right maintain balance jab fake & go | 57 ● At the same time, try to get your ● At this point, you have him beaten. ● Once past the defender, you can ● In the instance shown above, head and shoulders just past the Now, dribble the ball and lift your assess the game situation and make the player has decided to pass to an defender’s left hip. back (left) foot and continue past him. a decision to continue to drive to open teammate. basket, pass, or shoot. get past defender dribble assess game situation offensive shot fake, one dribble, & jump shot This is another good move to make to try to beat an opponent who is closely guarding you.

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