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By Peter H. Williams, Julian Ketley, George Salmond

Tested nearly 30 years in the past, Methods in Microbiology is the main prestigious sequence dedicated to recommendations and method within the box. Now absolutely made over, revitalized, with a brand new layout and extended scope, Methods in Microbiology will proceed to supply you with attempted and established, state-of-the-art protocols to without delay gain your examine. Key gains * specializes in the equipment most beneficial for the microbiologist drawn to the best way micro organism reason disorder * contains part dedicated to 'Approaches to characterising pathogenic mechanisms' by way of Stanley Falkow * Covers protection elements, detection, identity and speciation * contains concepts for the examine of host interactions and reactions in animals and crops * Describes biochemical and molecular genetic techniques * crucial equipment for gene expression and research * Covers concepts and difficulties for affliction keep watch over

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Similarly, chemists have often considered microorganisms as little more than individual ‘microcontainers’ of enzymes ready for exploitation. Dealing with other hazardous articles and substances that is often outside the initial training of the individual must now become as routine to the microbiologist as the early codes of good practice and technique, which recognized that METHODS IN MICROBIOLOGY, VOLUME 27 ISBN 0-12-521525-8 Copyright 0 1998 Academic Press Ltd All rights of reproduction in any form reserved inhalation, absorption, ingestion and inoculation were the routes of infection of laboratory staff.

Shea, J. , Gleeson, C. and Holden, D. W. (1996). Identification of a virulence locus encoding a second type 111 secretion system in Salmonella typhimurium. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U S A 93,2593-2597. Valdivia, R. H. and Falkow, S. (1996). Bacterial genetics by flow cytometry: rapid isolation of acid-inducible promoters by differential fluorescence induction. Mol. Microbiol. 22,367-378. Valdivia, R. H. and Falkow, S. (1998). Fluorescence-based isolation of bacterial genes expressed within host cells.

Neisseriu gonorrhoeae is readily diagnosed in male urethral pus. Gram-negativediplococci may be diagnosed in skin lesions from cases of septicemia due to N . gonowhoeue or N . rneningitidis. Staphylococci and streptococci are readily recognized in pus at the genus level. Pneumococci and H. influenzae may be suspected with a high degree of certainty in Gram stained sputum smears from cases of pneumonia. Microscopic examination may also give presumptive evidence of the presence of anaerobic bacteria.

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