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By Pascal Schneider (auth.), Michael P. Cancro (eds.)

The BLyS/BAFF kin of cytokines and receptors has captured and held the eye of B mobilephone biologists over the past decade. Discovery of the 2 ligands and 3 receptors comprising this kin has yielded a watershed of insights; fostering clean paradigms in our perspectives concerning the differentiation, choice, and homeostatic keep watch over of almost all B mobilephone subsets. additionally, simply because those techniques are in detail tied to the mechanistic underpinnings of immune tolerance and activation, elevated realizing of those actions delivers translational growth in autoimmunity, neoplasia, and transplantation.

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In the current model for peripheral B-cell development, the T1 subset serves as a precursor for T2 B cells, which in turn serve as precursors for either mature Fo B cells or for T2-preMZ B cells, the immediate precursors of mature MZ B cells [25] (Fig. 1). Using a combination of the most current schemes to identify B-cell subpopulations, detailed phenotypic characteristic of each B-cell subset are as follows: T1 (AA4+ IgMhi HSAhi IgD– CD21– CD23– ); T2 (AA4+ IgMhi HSAhi IgDhi Fig. 1 A model of peripheral B-lymphocyte development.

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2 BAFF Receptor Regulation of Peripheral B-Lymphocyte Survival and Development 35 15. Pelanda R, Schwers S, Sonoda E, Torres RM, Nemazee D, Rajewsky K. Receptor editing in a transgenic mouse model: site, efficiency, and role in B cell tolerance and antibody diversification. Immunity 1997;7(6):765–75. 16. Cariappa A, Boboila C, Moran ST, Liu H, Shi HN, Pillai S. The recirculating B cell pool contains two functionally distinct, long-lived, posttransitional, follicular B cell populations. J Immunol 2007;179(4):2270–81.

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