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Cannot particularly upload from now on to the product overview yet as a reader simply desired to say loudly 'I agree'. nice learn, jammed choked with good researched info giving and discussing resources.

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WHY ATHENA? 11 she gives to a range of heroes, including those on quests like Perseus and Herakles, and warriors like Achilleus and Diomedes. The divine qualities that are brought to bear in her interventions in the lives of these individuals will be explored, above all her metis. We will see that, as well as being a dedicated friend, she was a dangerous enemy as well. A guiding principle behind her interventions on behalf of Achilleus, Herakles et al. was the notion of ‘helping friends, harming enemies’, a central tenet of the Greek morality.

Hephaistos is not present this time. Eileithyia, the birth attendant goddess, has the more customary role of midwife while another female and two males are observing Athena’s emergence. Athena is clothed once again in a dress but also a helmet, which is merging into the decorative pattern at the top of the vase, a shield and a spear. Over her dress, she wears another of her attributes, the aegis, which contains a little rectangular gorgoneion. g. 28: a father called Pallas). Similarly, the head of the Gorgon is given to her in myth by Perseus after he beheads the monster with her assistance (Chapter 4).

There is something impetuous about her birth, breaking out as she does from the head of Zeus displaying power that is reminiscent of his own. The terror exists only, however, until Athena breaks the spell by removing her golden armour. Her war magic is capable of 28 KEY THEMES generating cosmic chaos, but she can also turn off her power and restore order and peace. This movement from warmonger to peacebringer seems to be signalled by the change of names. While emerging in her armour, she is Glaukopis; when she removes the amour she is ‘the girl Pallas Athena’, the ally of Zeus who ends the cosmic terror.

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