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By Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, Erik Pema Kunsang, Marcia Binder Schmidt

The lessons provided in As it really is, quantity I are essentially chosen from talks given by means of the Dzogchen grasp, Tulku Urgyen Rinpoche, in 1994 and 1995, over the last years of his lifestyles. The unambiguous Buddhist belief of fact is transmitted in profound, easy language by means of one of many preferable masters within the Tibetan culture. Dzogchen is to take the ultimate end result, the nation of enlightenment itself, as course. this is often the fashion of easily making a choice on the ripened fruit or the absolutely bloomed plant life. Tulku Urgyen's method of speaking this knowledge used to be to evoke the person to their capability and show the how you can recognize and stabilize that potential. His exact educating type was once widely recognized for its designated directness in introducing scholars to the character of brain in a fashion that allowed fast adventure. This ebook bargains the direct oral directions of a grasp who encouraged admiration, savour perform, and deep belief and self belief within the Buddhist approach.

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Once you take a single bite into your mouth and it touches your tongue and palate, you taste the flavor. At that moment, you gain genuine confidence regarding the real taste of that food. That is called experience, when we actually know that this tastes pretty good or that tastes disgusting. Experience is the point at which we know it by ourselves. To leave the view as mere theory is useless. We hear the statement in Buddhism that everything is empty and devoid of any true existence, from the aggregate of physical form up to and including the state of omniscient enlightenment.

For those who have the least capacity, the buddhas teach the vehicles for shravakas, pratyekabuddhas and bodhisattvas. For the medium type, the buddhas teach the three outer tantras: Kriya, Upa and Yoga. For the highest capacity, the buddhas teach Maha, Anu and Ati. There are two main ways to approach the Buddhadhanna: the way of a scholar or the pandita's way, and the way of the kusulu, meaning a simple meditator. The scholar's way involves complete comprehension of what the Buddha taught, which requires a perspective on the whole body of teachings.

Please keep these points in mind. Continue your practice, ideally by equalizing life and practice, or, next best, by living in accordance with the Dharma. At the very least, give your assistance to spiritual endeavors and help in the teaching of the Dharma and in the maintenance of Rinpoche's monasteries. In this way, do what is meaningful in preserving the Buddhadharma and help to bring benefit to all beings. • HE MAIN IMAGE OF DHARMADHATU IS THAT OF SPACE - 'space of all things' within which all phenomena manifest, ab1de and dissolve back into.

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