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By C. Wayne Smith

В этой работе, автор описывает ряд методов, которые были использованы им и его коллегами при столкновении с проблемой консервации мелких органических фрагментов – древесины, кожи, продуктов питания и т.п., возникшей во время расчистки останков парусника "La Belle", затонувшего у берегов Техаса в 1686 г., и пролежавшего в иле более трехсот лет.Образцы сканов:

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Choosing a short-backbone polymer, which is also a low viscosity polymer, will accomplish two things. The low viscosity of the solution will enable deep and thorough penetration of the wood; and once polymer- ized, the smaller polymer will ensure that the wood is stronger than in its pretreatment state. For dry cave-site wood, PR- with a % addition of CR- cross-linker, added by weight, is a perfect combination of polymers for treatment. . . Pour sufficient PR- into a container. To this solution, add % CR- cross-linker by weight and mix thoroughly.

Treatment time stratified by days of dehydration. 750 dehydration and acetone pretreatment of samples that appear to be dry play an important role in the bulking process of organic materials. Acetone and other water miscible solvents act as a conduit for the exchange of Passivation Polymer solutions into the core of an organic specimen. In all cases, the degree of silicone depends upon the amount of water/acetone exchange that has occurred throughout the specimen being treated. This certainly dictates that, for most materials, the time spent in water/acetone exchanges cannot be bypassed.

The preparation of TD by boiling in water has been shown to alter the chemical constitution of the tongue depressor, as evidenced by the loss of the acetate resonances at  and  ppm in comparison with the spectrum on the control (TD). The changes in these 13 C spectra of the two birch wood tongue depressors are quite similar to those reported by Wilson et al. 4 The 13C spectral signature, along with the macroscopic observations of extensive warping and shrinking upon drying in air, suggest that this preparation provides a suitable model for the analysis of waterlogged wood.

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