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By Shaul Shaked

This quantity offers versions of sixty-four Jewish Aramaic incantation bowls from the Schøyen assortment, with accompanying introductions, translations, philological notes, images and indices, with regards to the mystical divorce and the wonder-working sages anina ben Dosa and Joshua bar Peraia.

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See Naveh and Shaked 1985, 104–122, 188–197 for further comments. The vocalised reading of the names is a guess. 59 For the reading wʿbdt lh dšyn dynḥšh wʿbryn dprzlʾ, see Ford (forthcoming a). 60 As discussed in Naveh and Shaked 1985, 196, ʾrtyqw originally was a verb “they knocked”, but in the JBA bowls it was reinterpreted as a personal name. 61 This translation is based on a slightly different reading of AMB Bowl 12a:4, reading dwktʾ dnʿbd wnyʿwl ʿlh. 62 In AMB Bowl 12a, this is followed by “from them”, which seems redundant and is here omitted.

Introduction 9 are the blocks of text that come up as central components of the magical expression, and that are found as a rule in other incantations as well. The incantation also incorporates a number of additional phrases that serve various purposes: opening phrases, linking segments, concluding formulae, quotations from the scriptures, and more. Not every incantation contains a spell, but most of the fully-developed incantations do. Single-Spell Incantations Here is the structure of a typical single-spell incantation.

Islamic magic bowls are made of metal, usually bronze, and are densely inscribed with Quranic verses and magical symbols or combinations of numbers. They are usually called ṭāsāt al-rajfa “quake (or shudder) bowls”, or ṭāsāt al-ṭarba “sadness (or joy) bowls”. The bowls are said to have been filled with water and sometimes with small iron keys, and given to a patient to drink for healing. 126–137 and plates 100–110; Zwemer 1920, 179–184; Spoer 1935; Spoer 1938. The earliest recorded appearance of such cups is in the twelfth century, although at least one is known from a much earlier date (much different in appearance from the usual Islamic cups)—see Savage-Smith in Maddison et al.

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