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This textbook is meant for EE majors envisioning business careers in analog electronics. Analog integrated-circuit (IC) designers, product, approach, and reliability engineers, try out and test-development engineers, analog functions, advertising, and customer-support engineers are regularly in powerful call for.

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36a, top, where a slab of p-type material is assumed to be immersed in an electric field of strength E (in V/cm). Such a field can be produced by connecting an external battery across the slab. 35 Mobile-charge concentrations in a slab of (a) pure silicon, (b) n-type silicon, and (c) p-type silicon. 36 Illustrating (a) current drift and (b) current diffusion for the case of holes. potential v(x) will vary linearly across the slab, as shown at the bottom. 24) Consequently, E will be constant throughout the homogeneous slab.

40 Effect of forward-biasing a pn junction. To investigate the effect of the external bias v quantitatively, we simply replace ␾0 with (␾0 2 v) in Eqs. 42). Thus, rewriting Eq. 41 Voltage dependence of the (a) SCL width and (b) junction capacitance for m 5 ½. where Em0, aptly called the zero-bias (v 5 0) value of Em, was derived in Eq. 39). 45) where Xd0 is the zero-bias (v 5 0) value of Xd, which was derived in Eq. 41). The voltage dependence of Xd is depicted in Fig. 41a. 46) where Qj0 is the zero-bias (v 5 0) value of Qj as given in Eq.

17b, the diodes protect the IC against possible input overdrive situations by limiting the input-pin voltage within the range 0 # vIC # VS For this reason, a diode clamp is also referred to as a limiter, and since it clips the portions of the input waveform falling outside the allowed range, it is also called a clipper. The need for protection against input overdrives is so important and so common that many ICs come already equipped with internal diode-clamping networks to relieve the user from this worry.

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