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An creation to Tibetan drugs

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According to another version Atreya, Agnivesa, Dhanvantari, Nimindhara, Haladhara, Ka-nyi-cho, Dro-kyong-gi b'u ('Groskyong-gi bu). Nam-so-kye (Nam-so-skyes), composed their works on the basis of the instructions they received from Indra. " The Ri-shi Pal-dan tr'eng-wa (Rsi-dPal ldan 'phreng-ba) : wrote a commentary on this which had 600 chapters. The term "Tsa-ka de-gya" literally means ''Caraka Astavarga". It is very difficult to make out as to why they are adding the phrase "de-gya" meaning 66Astavarga" to the title of this work.

The hierarchical structure of the divine imagery reflects the religious and many of the so-called secular behavioural patterns of the community. 1 (sdom. pa) and faith (dad. pa) : dam. tshig is based on sdom. pa which in turn is determined by dad. pa, constituting the vertical system. In summary a medical-cultural system of those communities in Kathmandu valley currently practising Vajrayana Buddhism is as follows : ( I ) the hierarchical structure of divinities and cultural heroes as represented by a vertical system; (2) the hierophant who projects the divine hierarchy which is fed back as an inner projection within his Vajrabody (rdo.

The brochure "Exhibition o f the history c f Indian medicine and its spread in Asia", prepared for the Third World Conference on M e d i a l Education, New Delhi, 20-25 Nov. 1966, claimsthat this Tibetan text reflects a lost medical text of eighth century India of the Sanskrit title Amrta-astangahrdaya-guhyopadesa-tantra. 2. Nalinokshcr Dutt, Early Monastic Buddhism, Calcutta, 1960, p. 251. 3. I have so far not published this synthetic biography. It was originally meant to be part of the introductory materials for my translation of Tsonkha-pa's Lam rim chen mo,on which I have worked for some years.

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