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By Gale H. Carrithers

Publication through Carrithers, Gale H., Hardy, James D., Carrithers, Gale H., Jr., Hardy, James D., Jr.

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We thus situate this study in regard to the matter of orality and textuality. The conventionally literary texts constitute the clearest element of textuality on which we focus, for the general reasons of their historical importance and continuing (we do not say universal) human interest. These texts were obviously part of the society of high literacy, which was centered on the town and country house. Of these centers of literacy the most important in terms of political and cultural power was the interconnected world of court and capital.

1 and 2.  .  .  . man's faculties controlled his contact with the universe" (11). We find this view only narrowly useful, since it omits almost completely time, either human or eternal, and concentrates entirely on vicissitude within what our artists deemed to be this level of the great chain of being. A particular aesthetic seems to us to be too small a foundation upon which to build a notion of a Baroque world view. A third post-Tillyard book on the general world view of Renaissance England is Stephen L.

3, 4, and 5. Chapter 3 deals with divergent emphases between Anglicans and Puritans concerning the Ten Commandments, whereas 4 and 5 deal with the divergent emphases concerning the fruits of conversion. McGee's view that the common ground between Anglican and Puritan was broad while the differences were sharp is compelling. Page 11 and that, this and then this and then this. Contiguity relationships foster and reinforce themselves, formally leaving out at the beginning (while seeming to explain away) similarity or other relationships.

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