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By Neal Asher

The Collector rampages throughout a much destiny Africa populated with gene-spliced vampires, resurrected substantial and nutters with APWs . . .

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The one with the laser spoke first. “That woman is JMCC,” he said. He seemed at a loss for anything to add. ” I began to walk forward. The machine pistols trained on me. I halted. They might hit Susan. ” He looked to his two companions. “You are not. Why then do you need to know what is wrong with her? That is out of your jurisdiction. ” I began to walk again. ” He seemed confused. I said, “I don’t think Jethro Hendrickson would be too impressed with your behaviour. ” He looked to his companions then said slowly, “Thomas Canard is Chairman now .

We were about a hundred metres from the first building when I heard them. I turned to Jethro Susan. ” She did as instructed. “Last time I came through I let off a couple of shots and they kept away from me,” she said. I said, “The last time I was here I snapped a few necks and they kept away. But as I well know, people are never predictable. ” She unfurled a glove from a pouch pocket on her sleeve and put it on her hand of flesh. “Keep your head down,” I said as we advanced. As we moved down into the city I saw that we might soon be in trouble, or rather, Jethro Susan might.

About half of them ran for it. A lot went face down on the concrete. The remainder stood there with their mouths open and just stared. I looked behind and got a similar reaction there. By this time Jethro Susan was getting the idea. She held her hand of ceramal high and pulled back her sleeve to show the rest of her arm. Like showmen we advanced then and none barred our way. One gawper reached out to try and touch my head as I passed but I slapped his hand away and grinned at him, which at that moment was all I was capable of doing.

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