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Different with trivalent Cr2O3 in SnO2-CoO-Nb2O5 system, the addition of B2O3 has little effect on the non-linearity coefficients of samples. 025mol% B2O3 and sintered at 1400oC. 8, which is in the region of findings by Antunes et al [8] on SnO2-CoO-Ta2O5 ceramics. 3 The breakdown electric field (Eb) of samples Qingzhou Xu 37 Fig. 3 shows the breakdown field (Eb) as a function of B2O3 contents. The Eb value slightly decreased as the content of B2O3 increases. The nonlinear I-V characteristics of SnO2 varistors can be ascribed to the Schottky type electrical barrier at the SnO2 grain boundary [8].

The obtained graphene was characterized by XRD and FTIR. On this basis, graphene/polyamide 6(PA6) composites were prepared by melt compounding. The well-dispersed graphene nanosheets in PA6 matrix was investigated by SEM. The properties were characterized by XRD, DSC and TGA. The results showed that the α-phase of polyamide 6 induced into γ-phase by adding graphene. The crystallization temperature and the crystallinity of composites have been increased in some degree. Besides, the composite has a higher thermal stability.

The experiments revealed that addition of trivalent boron can improve the densification of SnO2 based ceramics. 025mol% B2O3 had the highest sintering density. 1mol% B2O3 addition region there was little effect on non-linearity and breakdown field of SnO2-Co2O3-Ta2O5 system. Obviously, the sintering temperature had a predominant influence on the SnO2-Co2O3-Ta2O5 system; the samples sintered at 1400℃ were superior to those sintered at 1350℃. Introduction Varistor ceramics have become technologically important because of their highly non-ohmic I-V characteristics and excellent energy handle capabilities.

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