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Total production in 1963 was the lowest since 1944. During both periods, only two plants produced enriched superphosphate. Twenty-six plants produced concentrated 40 LEWIS B. NELSON superphosphate in 1957 and 17 in 1963, indicating greatly increased production per plant, Fourteen plants produced ammonium phosphates in 1957, and 31 in 1963. I. Normal Superphosphate Normal, “single” or “ordinary” superphosphate has remained an important phosphate material because of the simplicity and cheapness of its manufacture and its universal effectiveness over a wide range of soils and crops, Normal superphosphate contains from 7 to 10 per cent P (16 to 22 per cent P20j) and about 50 per cent calcium sulfate, usually present as anhydrite.

Sodium nitrate is produced synthetically in Bulgaria, Poland, and the United States. Chile still produces large amounts from its natural deposits. In general, both calcium nitrate and sodium nitrate continue to lose ground to higher analysis nitrogen materials, first to ammonium sulfate and now to ammonium nitrate and urea. Ammonium chloride, NH4CI, which contains about 26 per cent N, is popular in India and the Far East as a fertilizer for rice and certain field crops. About 8 per cent of the total fertilizer tonnage consumed in Japan is amomnium chloride, which apparently is increasing at the expense of ammonium sulfate.

The mined ore apparently will be upgraded in much the same manner as the Florida land pebble (British Sulphur Corporation, 1964). The western phosphate field, located in portions of Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and Utah, is estimated to contain nearly 60 per cent of the United States’ economically available reserves ( British Sulphur Corporation, 1964). High transportation costs have limited its development until recent years. 6 million for export, mostly to Canada. Currently 60 per cent of western phosphate rock production comes from Idaho and 30 per cent from Montana.

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