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This article addresses the first environmental elements affecting humans once they are workout and competing in recreation and offers evidence-based details with quite a few references.

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The functional significance of altered EEG activity remains to be determined, but it is worth noting that the altered brain activity was associated with changes in ratings of perceived exertion during exercise in humans. Subjects continually rated their effort higher during hyperthermic trials; the best predictor of the rate of perceived exertion was a reduction in EEG frequency in the frontal cortex of the brain (Nielsen et al. 2001). While this is a very promising avenue of research, technical challenges are numerous in advancing the field.

Eqn. 3) Since its initial development, the WBGT scale has been revised several times and has been adopted as the basis of many occupational heat exposure guidelines. Other composite temperature indices include the Heat Index used by the National Weather Service and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration in the United States and the Humidex used by Environment Canada, which are similar in incorporating temperature and humidity but not solar radiation. Many other specific indices, such as the FITS (Fighter Index of Thermal Stress, intended for aircrew wearing light aircrew clothing but not for use when much more insulative marine immersion suits or chemical protective clothing is being worn, or in cold environments), have also been developed for specific applications (Nunneley and Stribley 1979).

1998; Gonzalez-Alonso et al. 1999; Walters et al. 2000). These studies altered the starting core temperatures by passive cooling or heating, which was followed by exercise performed at a set intensity to the point of voluntary exhaustion. In all cases, a very consistent terminal core temperature was reported despite differences in starting core temperature, rate of heat storage, or final skin temperature. Importantly, none of the human or animal subjects suffered any ill effects 24 h later, suggesting that exhaustion occurred well before health and system integrity were compromised.

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