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39, cf. Philopseud. 4, Isocr. ad Nicoclem 48, Dio Chrys. ); in his guide to the way in which young men should study poetry Plutarch also stresses at length the falsehoods with which poetry is filled (Mor. 16a-f). Longus thus hints clearly at the entirely fictitious nature of the narrative which is to follow 98 and this is particularly important in view of the fun which he is to have a few lines later in the prologue with the historiographical tradition (cf. below p. 48-50). Achilles Tatius performs the same task with characteristic wit when Cleitophon replies to the narrator's request for information with the remark oj1illloe; all€),€ipne; ...

AciCPVL' ... dT€ a'YPoLKo, "ai ahmAo, "ai €PWV "ai V€O, ... Tilv Av"aivLOv i"fT€v€v i5n TaXLaTa 8t8a~aL Tilv T€XVTW, 8t' 11, 0 {30VA€TaL 8pciu€L XAfrr1V, that goatherds were traditionally unlucky or inexperienced in love,2s but it is noteworthy that at least one scholiast interpreted Theocr. €V €A€'Y€V' {30V"OAO, WV, cpT/uiv, ou "aTei {30V"OAOV, €pcu,. i~LV €'Y"paT€i" ToiJvavnov 8€ Aa'YvoTaTOL oi al7rOAoL. "ai il aiTia, on "aTwcp€peUT€paL ovuaL ai ah€, 8€A€atoVaL TOU, ai7rOAov,. Longus, too, has exploited to the full the humorous possibilities of associating his naive and (unhappily) innocent hero with animals which were notoriously randy and smelly (cf.

Li1U€TaL. 2). For only one activity, that of lovemaking, is such an education insufficient - here T€XVll is needed to bring natural desires to fulfilment, cf. 18 In this respect Daphnis and Chloe well illustrate another of Aristotle's dicta, (JAWr:; T€ 7) T€XVll TO. 1r€p-yauau()aL, TO. 199a1S). 4 thus produce one of the nicest ironies in the work. How close are the links between the traditional picture of the rustic Golden Age and the life of Daphnis and Chloe may be gauged from the following passage of Propertius: 21 felix agrestum quondam pacata iuuentus, diuitiae quorum messis et arbor erant!

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