Download A Route to Chaos Using FPGAs: Volume I: Experimental by Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Santo Banerjee PDF

By Bharathwaj Muthuswamy, Santo Banerjee

The function of this introductory ebook is to couple the educating of chaotic circuit and structures idea with using box programmable gate arrays (FPGAs).

As such, it differs from different texts on chaos: first, it places emphasis on combining theoretical equipment, simulation instruments and actual awareness to aid the reader achieve an intuitive knowing of the houses of chaotic structures. moment, the "medium" used for actual awareness is the FPGA. those units are vastly parallel architectures that may be configured to gain numerous common sense capabilities. for this reason, FPGAs should be configured to emulate structures of differential equations.

Nevertheless maximizing the services of an FPGA calls for the consumer to appreciate the underlying and in addition FPGA layout software program. this can be accomplished through the 3rd virtue of this booklet: a lab part in every one bankruptcy. right here, readers are requested to scan with laptop simulations and FPGA designs, to additional their knowing of strategies lined within the book.

This textual content is meant for graduate scholars in technological know-how and engineering drawn to exploring implementation of nonlinear dynamical (chaotic) platforms on FPGAs.

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A rule of thumb: if we as humans cannot understand the underlying hardware functionality via the HDL, the synthesizer will not translate the design into a correct functional specification. 1 below is a sample VHDL hardware specification. 1 Combinational logic in VHDL 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 -- Lines starting with -- are comments in VHDL. all; entity simpleLogicGates is port ( x1,x2,x3 : in std_logic; x : in std_logic_vector(3 downto 0); y : out std_logic_vector(4 downto 0)); end simpleLogicGates; architecture combinational of simpleLogicGates is begin y(0) <= (x1 and x2) or x3; y(2 downto 1) <= (x1&x(0)) AND (x2&x(1)); y(4 downto 3) <= x(3 downto 2); end combinational; The first three statements are IEEE standardized libraries to facilitate synthesis [6].

IEEE Trans Circuits Syst CAS 31(12):1055–1058 8. Chua LO (2011) Chua’s circuit. In: Scholarpedia. org/article/Chua_ circuit. Accessed 25 Dec 2012 9. Muthuswamy B et al (2009) A Synthetic inductor implementation of Chua’s circuit. In: University of California, Berkeley, EECS Technical Reports. html. Accessed 22 Nov 2014 10. Sprott JC (2010) Elegant chaos. Algebraically simple chaotic flows. World Scientific, Singapore 11. Pecora LM, Carroll TL (1990) Synchronization in chaotic systems. Phys Rev Lett 64:821–824 12.

Pplane7 can be used to plot two dimensional phase plots. MATLAB has an equivalent command called quiver. Moreover, in order to plot vector fields for three dimensional systems, investigate the MATLAB command quiver3. 7. References 1. Steingrube S, Timme M, Worgotter F, Manoonpong P (2010) Self-organized adaptation of a simple neural circuit enables complex robot behaviour. Nat Phys 6:224–230 2. Alligood KT, Sauer TD, Yorke JA (1996) Chaos: an introduction to dynamical systems. Springer, New York 3.

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