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What's that you simply say - perpetual movement is very unlikely? My, you are a tricky one to please.
The electrons within the molecules of rock formations were orbiting gradually for hundreds of thousands of years with out preventing - at what aspect will you compromise that they're in perpetual motion?

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A spinning rotor Examples Alexkor’s aerial 100 watts, chapter 7 Herman Plauson patent 1 kilowatt from each aerial, chapter 7 Lawrence Rayburn’s TREC aerial 10 kilowatts, chapter 7 Thomas Henry Moray demonstrations up to 50 kilowatts, chapter 7 William Skinner – powered his workshop in 1939, chapter 4 James Kwok 250 to 1000 kilowatts, chapter 4 Mikhail Dmitriev's pushed weights, 100 watts, chapter 4 Teruo Kawai self-powered electric motor cycle, chapter 2 Lawrence Tseung’s wheel 100 watts, chapter 2 I - 26 4.

James E. Jines and James W. Jines were awarded US Patent 3,469,130 on 23rd September 1969 “Means for Shielding and Unshielding Permanent Magnets and Magnetic Motors Utilising the Same” and which is in the Appendix. This magnet motor design uses selective shielding of the drive magnets to produce a continuous force in one direction. It also has a mechanical arrangement to progressively adjust the shielding to adjust the power of the motor. 1 - 13 This is a very interesting design of magnetic motor, especially since it does not call for any materials which are not readily available from many suppliers.

Does that not strike you as strange? See how long you can support your own body weight against gravity before you get tired. Years and years? No. Months, then? No. Days, even? No. Well if you can’t do it, how come the magnet can? Are you suggesting that a single pulse for a minute fraction of a second can pump enough energy into the piece of steel to power it for years? That doesn’t seem very logical, does it? So, how does the magnet do it? The answer is that the magnet does not actually exert any power at all.

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