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By Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma)

Li Xiaoqiong (Drolma), a Namuyi Tibetan from Liangshan Yi independent Prefecture, Sichuan Province describes her adolescence; mom and dad; paternal grandmother's formative years and demise; village lifestyles together with kid's video games, tending horses, and herding yaks; her reports at fundamental university; a surrogate grandfather; her youngest brother; neighborhood lunar New 12 months festivities; her time at heart institution together with a unique good friend and love letters; her education at Qinghai basic college in Xining urban; her time in India together with collage reports, travels, operating in an NGO, and dealing at a choice middle in Delhi; and her go back to China. additionally integrated are unique poems, 3 tales by way of Li Xiaoqiong's grandmother, and pictures of Li Xiaoqiong's village and of her time in India.

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It was a freezing morning when she left. On the way, she heard the sounds of nature – the sounds of trees rubbing each other. She felt scared, but continued. She knew that a cuonumi might appear at any moment. On the second day of her journey, she was totally exhausted and felt very hungry. Suddenly a cuonumi appeared. She was so scared that she could not run or struggle. She knew cuonumi were very fast. The cuonumi killed her and took her corpse and belongings to the mountains. Many days passed and the cuonumi thought of going to the woman's home and eating her children.

When nobody opened it, she put her hand through the window and told the children to touch it. " The two starving sons were eager to open the door and get to the food. However, the daughter insisted on not opening the door because she still wasn't sure that it was her mother and she had not sung the rabbit song. The daughter and two sons had an argument, which the cuonumi overheard. She then started to sing the rabbit song and pushed a little food through the window. The sons were delighted to see the food and insisted on opening the door.

The daughter's husband's eyes glistened with tears. The granddaughter just stared at everyone in complete bafflement. CUONUMI A few families lived in a small village deep in the forest. One family had two sons and one daughter. The mother had raised the children alone after a cuonumi – a ghost that eats humans – had taken her husband away. Cuonumi are smarter than people. In this particular village, cuonumi usually took a person away and then the person would be gone for a long while. When the villagers had almost given up hope, the missing person would often reappear in the village, but just as often, they never came back.

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