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By Derrick Jensen

Immediately a fantastically poetic memoir and an exploration of many of the methods we are living on this planet, A Language Older Than Words explains violence as a pathology that touches each point of our lives and certainly impacts all facets of lifestyles in the world. This chronicle of a tender man's force to go beyond family abuse deals a tough examine our around the world experience of group and the way we will be able to fix things.

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An urban farm could help teach people about how to coexist with our environment. The garden could be a vehicle for getting people to understand that we are “dependent for [our] health and survival on many other forms of life,” as Pollan has written. ” I’m proud to say that it worked. The kids from the housing projects like catching frogs in the creek and getting to pick apples right off the tree. They might not have the same privileges as other San Francisco kids in this dot-com Gilded Age, but they’re the only ones in the city who have herons and egrets wading through a pond in their backyard.

I went back to collect Michelle and her gear. Soon she was perched on the riverbank, her swelling foot resting in the cold water. The four of us spent the rest of the afternoon at the river’s edge. As the sun made its final descent, some of the Glen Aulin campers gathered at the top of the valley to admire the sunset. We watched the sightseers watching the scenery, the dying light turning the canyon walls into swirls of rose and red. As dusk turned to dark we stayed on the riverbank, just taking in the world.

Or maybe they would find the whole thing tiresome, uncomfortable, and frightening. I had no idea. Chris at least looks the part of a rugged adventurer. With his big, black, bushy beard and longish hair swept behind his ears, he wouldn’t be out of place in a Gold Rush boomtown. It’s a fashionable style these days (think: homeless Don Draper), enough so that Chris had recently been picked off the street by a Levi’s scout hoping to capture the zeitgeist. But even if he appears like a prospector, Chris is no outdoorsman.

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