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By Ron Dickerson Sr, James A Peterson, Coaches Choice

The protective again drills in one hundred and one protective again Drills (Second version) are acceptable and powerful in any respect completive degrees. The drills during this ebook were gathered, field-tested, and utilized by way of a trainer with greater than 4 a long time of collegiate soccer event. effectively designed drills may have a unprecedented worth, permitting coaches to raised enhance the abilities in their gamers. the kinds of drills featured contain warm-up, quickness, pace & agility, flow, response, insurance, tackling, and fumble restoration.

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The players should be allowed to rest as needed. During the second month, the players should be required to jump rope on one leg for one minute, rest for 20 seconds, then repeat the sequence using the other leg. The drill should be continued for 15 minutes. At the start of the third month, the players should be required to alternate legs for each jump (skipping). The players should try to skip rope for 15 minutes non-stop, making as few mistakes as possible. Once the players have developed their skills at rope jumping/skipping, the length of the drill can be increased to at least 20 minutes.

The player should move toward the ball, intercept it at the highest possible point, yell "BINGO" (or whatever codeword the coach desires) and then sprint forward, handing the football back to the coach. Page 43 Drill #32: Run the Line Objective: To improve the ability of a defensive back to pivot 190 degrees while running backwards, react to the football and intercept it. Equipment Needed: A football. Description: The coach faces one player at a time, who is positioned approximately 510 yards away.

Description: The coach lays out 12 cones (or scrimmage vests), dispersed as shown, over a distance of 40 yards. The drill begins by having the defensive backs line up behind the first cone. On command from the coach, the first player in line sprints forward for ten yards, then back-pedals for five yards. He then turns and repeats the sequence over the next two cones (sprinting forward for ten yards and back-pedaling five yards). The defender completes the course by performing four additional, similar sequences.

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